Initial Request Form


Please complete this form if you wish to exercise one of your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (the "GDPR").

If you are completing this form on behalf of another person, please complete both sections 1 and 2 of this form. If you are completing this form in order to obtain information about your own personal details, complete only Section 1.

Section 1 – to be completed by all

  1. Please provide your details:

  2. [For all but existing employees] Please supply proof of identity. We may not be able to respond to your request if we cannot identify you:
    • [for existing customers and suppliers or people with whom there is an ongoing contractual relationship]
      Your customer or supplier account number [or some other identifying feature]:
    • [for all others] A copy of a recent utility bill with your name and address, together with a copy of your ID card, driving licence or passport, with your name and current signature; please provide on each copy of such identification document your hand-written confirmation that you agree with our use of the copy for the purpose of handling your request.
  3. Please describe your relationship to Company for example: employee, customer, and indicate whether the relationship is past or current):
  4. Which right under the GDPR do you wish to exercise in relation to your personal information? For example, you may want to see details of your account:
  5. If you wish to access the information that we hold about you, please supply answers to the following questions in as much detail as you can to enable us to locate the information to which your request relates. Please note that the more extensive the search, the longer it will take us to provide the information:
    1. Do you believe the information is held in manual files?
    2. If yes, please answer the following:
    3. Do you believe the information is held in the form of emails or other computerised format?
    4. If yes, please provide the following information:
  6. Please provide as much information in relation to your reasons for wanting to exercise the right in question/the basis upon which your request is made.
  7. If applicable, please provide details in relation to any errors in the information we hold about you or any information which is no longer up-to-date.
  8. If applicable, please provide the details below of any organisation to whom you want us to transfer your personal information.

Section 2 – to be completed only by those making a request on behalf of another person

  1. Please provide details of the person on behalf of whom you are making this request:

  2. Please explain your relationship to the above person (e.g. parent, legal representative):
  3. Please supply evidence of your authorisation to act on behalf of the above person.

Section 3 – designated to all

Please ensure that you have enclosed the following, together with this form:
  • Proof of identity (if required).
  • Proof of authorisation to act on behalf of another person (if required).

If, when you have received the requested information, you believe that we have not adequately addressed your request then you should notify the person that gave you the information by post or e-mail to at once, giving your reasons. We will then review the information and update you on the steps that we take in response to your request or, alternatively, the reasons for not taking any further actions and information should you wish to lodge a complaint or seek a remedy from the courts.

Personal warranty of the requestor: By sending this form I confirm the information provided above is true and accurate. I am aware that giving false or misleading information, in particular e.g. pretend ing false identity, or the exercise of my rights aiming to damage or otherwise impair your company or any third person, may be qualified as a breach of law or as an offence or even a criminal offence, as such may be punishable under the applicable law and may give rise to my liability for damages and/or reputational harm.